How To Fix Common Keto Problems

If you have decided to give the Ketogenic diet a try, youíre in for an awesome journey. This is a diet that has seen a surge in popularity with thousands of people raving about it because of its effectiveness.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that a ketogenic diet will help you lose weight, and that the weight loss can be much greater in comparison to other diets.

However, as with any commitment, there can be problems when you're first starting out. It can take anywhere from 5 to 20 days before you become fully accustomed to being in a state of ketosis and start to reap the benefits.

As with all things, you only reach cruising altitude after going through some initial turbulence. This is to be expected and should not discourage you. The ketogenic diet is much easier to adopt rather than a highly restrictive paleo or Atkins diet.

Below we will discuss some common keto problems that occur when starting the keto diet.

Keto problem #1: Headaches

If you're a coffee drinker and have ever had to go a couple of days without a brew you'll know what these types of headaches are like.

Fortunately, these headaches will only last a couple of days after starting with the keto diet.

Keto Problem #2: Brain Fog

Mental sluggishness, difficulty thinking and concentrating, mixed with lethargy. The fog will eventually lift as long as you remain true to the rules of the keto diet.

The headaches and brain fog are usually caused by dehydration and mineral loss. As your body adapts to a low carb diet, stored glucose is burned up, and retained fluids are released. The negative symptoms can be alleviated by drinking more and consuming higher levels of salt.

Keto Problem #3: Fast Weight Loss

Sounds great, right? Of course, you want to lose weight! However, the speed of the initial weight loss can be quite alarming.

There's no need to worry too much. Your body is learning to convert fat for fuel instead of relying on carbs. The breaking down of glycogen releases retained water from the body. You may find yourself urinating more frequently as the early weight loss is, in fact, water weight.

For example, why do bodybuilders take diuretics a couple of days before a contest or photo shoot?

Because, releasing retained fluids makes quite a difference in body composition. It can mean the difference between 6 pack abs and shrink-wrapped abs. You may lose a belt size or two within your first few days from water loss alone.

Keto Problem #4: Upset stomach

Constipation may occur in some people when starting out on the keto diet. This is partially because of dehydration, and partially because of your new eating habits.

To help with this, consume more fiber to help with digestion. Beneficial fiber will come from non-starchy vegetables permitted on the ketogenic lifestyle; leafy greens like spinach, bok choy, and cruciferous vegetables like kale and radish​

Fiber supplements like Psyllium husks and apple pectin will also help too.

Kill It With Keto!

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overcoming these common keto problems

Hopefully none of what was mentioned to take you off course. I just wanted to share these common keto problems to prepare you for possible issues when starting out.

Keep in mind that every body is different. Not everyone will suffer from all of these common keto side effects. Some might not even have any at all!

Most of these symptoms occur only during the first week or two of keto. Just push through them and you will start experiencing breakthroughs you never thought were possible, transforming your insides into a fat burning factory!

When you are new to keto and starting the keto diet, you will encounter some common keto problems. These keto diet problems can be fixed - if you know how. Learn how to fix common keto problems here. #keto #ketosis #ketogenicdiet #lowcarbdiets

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