8 Awesome Benefits Of The Ketogenic Diet

Everyone and their grandmother keep hailing the keto diet like it's the latest fat loss miracle around. There are hundreds of books and websites dedicated to the keto diet.

This diet has skyrocketed in popularity and is seen as one of the fastest and most effective ways to lose weight.

However, besides just accelerating fat loss, there are many other awesome benefits that happen by adopting this fat-based diet. 

Let's look at a few of the health benefits of ketosis.

1. achieve Fast Weight Loss With Keto

Ketosis is a state where the body burns ketones for fuel. The liver uses the fat in the body to produce these ketones, and because of this, it's much easier to lose weight on the keto diet.

As mentioned earlier, rapid weight loss comes about when you adopt the keto diet. Since your body is burning fat round the clock, you'll be losing more fat in the same amount of time as compared to any other diet.

Besides that, you're also consuming copious amount of fat. This encourages the body to burn fat more readily. With conventional diets, the body is more hesitant to burn its fat stores because it considers the fat as an emergency fuel store for future needs.

When you're eating lots of fat, the body sees that there is no shortage of fat and gets rid of its emergency stock without hesitation.

2. Reduces inflammation

If your muscles and joints ache for no reason, it might be due to inflammation. Lethargy, depression, lack of energy, etc. are all linked to inflammation.

Inflammation is caused by a diet that is high in processed foods and carbs. When you're on the keto diet, inflammation will decrease considerably and youíll feel more energy and better than you ever used to.

The keto diet is very low in sugar. Any sugars that you find in your diet will come from fruit (only to be consumed occasionally), which is safe. Since sugar is the real culprit when it comes to inflammation, youíll notice that the aches and pains you were experiencing has miraculously disappeared.

In fact, you'll be full of energy even if you've not eaten because ketones are powering your body, and there's always fat stores for the body to tap into.

3. Improved Sports Performance

If you're an athlete or someone who works out regularly, you'll notice that you can perform at a higher level when you're on a keto diet. You'll get tired less easily and also have more energy during your workouts. This extra exertion will translate to better results.

4. Fat adaptation

It's a proven fact that most ultra-athletes are fat adapted and burn ketones for energy rather than fuel. One of the biggest problems people face when trying to lose weight is having to fight themselves.

Since they're burning glucose for fuel, after a hard cardio session, their glycogen stores will be depleted. What happens next is that they crave foods high in carbohydrates.

This is why you may feel ravenous after a 45 or 60-minute cardio session. Your body needs carbs to get the glucose. If you eat the carbs, your blood sugar levels will go up and insulin will be secreted and a lot of it will end up as fat.

You'd have undone your entire workout. This problem doesn't arise when you're in ketosis. Used up a lot of energy during your workout?
No problem. Your body can tap into its fat stores for more energy. No carb cravings. No blood sugar spikes and no weight gain. Perfect.

5. Stabilizes your blood sugar levels

The insulin hormone is the main factor when it comes to weight gain. The keto diet is rich in fat and very low in carbohydrates. So, the diet does not spike your blood sugar levels.​

This in turn prevents unnecessary weight gain because excess insulin will not be shuttled off into your fat stores.

Type 2 diabetes patients will benefit from the keto diet because it will regulate and improve insulin sensitivity, while keeping their blood glucose levels stable.

6. Lower cholesterol levels

Once again, this is tied to your sugar consumption. For decades, it was believed that fatty foods raise your cholesterol levels. However, in the latest studies, doctors are discovering that most cholesterol is produced by the body and not a result of dietary choices.

When sugary foods inflame the body, it releases a wax-like substance to cover and protect the cells. This is the body's way of self-preservation. This waxy substance is known as cholesterol.

The keto diet eliminates excessive sugar consumption by eliminating processed foods, etc. As a result, your inflammation drops along with your bad cholesterol levels.

When combined with the healthy fats consumed in the keto diet, this two-pronged approach proves highly effective for reducing bad cholesterol levels and restoring your health.

7. Increased energy

Most people on the keto diet report feeling more energetic once they are in ketosis. Since the body is burning ketones for fuel rather than glucose, it has ample amounts of body fat to tap into.

Not only will the body be burning up fat, but ketones are a cleaner fuel source too. Your moods will be better because your body is not subject to ebbs and flows of glucose.

On a normal diet, you'll crave for carbs when your energy levels dip because the body uses glucose as a fuel source. You won't have such issues with the keto diet.

8. Appetite under control

When on a keto diet, since your blood sugar levels are stable and your body is fat-adapted, you'll not be craving food all the time as is commonly seen with other diets. 

Many people on a keto diet report not feeling hungry throughout the day because the body always has a source of fuel. In fact, drinking a bulletproof coffee in the morning is enough to keep them going until late afternoon.

Once the keto diet suppresses ghrelin (your hunger hormone), you'll be less likely to overeat and your weight will drop easily.

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