Hi I'm Edwin! I have an intense interest not in diets, but rather in lifestyle changes. I created to help spread the word about the benefits of the keto lifestyle.

What attracted me to keto was that I did not view it as a diet, but rather a complete lifestyle change.

I hate fads and these so-called "overnight tricks" to lose weight. Sure, they may work in the short term, but they are impossible to continue doing. These fad diets give you immediate results, but are simply too restrictive to continue doing them for life.

This is why diets just don't work.

But the keto lifestyle is different. With keto, you can eat a wide variety of delicious food. The point is to cut out carbs, but not cut out flavor!

My own weight loss journey

I used to be a junk food fanatic, eating the biggest burgers man ever made, drinking multiple sodas and finishing them off with an order of large fries.

I knew I could not break this addiction with a diet, so instead I took small steps over the course of several years to slowly break free from this horrible habit.

At first, it was eating the same things, just in smaller quantities. Later, I began substituting the most unhealthy items with comparable replacements.

Over the course of a year, I went from double-patties on my cheeseburgers to single patties on a cheese-free hamburger.

It doesn't sound like much, but by the next year I had switched to chicken sandwiches, small fries and diet soda.

My next major move was switching to veggie burgers and adding some much needed nutrients (lettuce, tomato & avocado).

My relationship with food now

Fast forward to today and I'm now a full-on vegetarian and follower of the keto lifestyle.

Here is how I practice the keto diet every day:

  • I cook everything with olive oil. This is a healthy fat that is ideal if you are a keto follower.
  • I eat lots of eggs. I tried being a vegan for a while, but cutting out eggs was the dealbreaker for me. Luckily with the keto diet, I can (and do) eat eggs every single day.
  • I put avocado on everything. Avocados are full of healthy fat and fiber.
  • I eat nuts. Specifically, walnuts, macadamia, brazil and almonds.
  • I have unsweetened almond milk with cereal.
  • I drink diet pepsi every day. Not an ounce of data has shown diet pepsi is unhealthy. What's more, is that it has zero carbs and is perfect for my keto lifestyle.
  • I drink lots of water. Most of the Earth is water. Most of our body is water. Water is life and I make sure to drink lots of it.

Why learn about the keto lifestyle from me?

It's true that I don't have a PhD in nutrition and dietetics or in nutritional sciences from a top university. But what I do have is 15+ years of personal experience with lifestyle changes.

Having a doctorate in the health field sure looks great on paper, but I would rather learn from someone who has been there and can personally relate to my experiences.

I actually wrote my first weight loss ebook way back in 2006 and have had multiple blogs in the health and fitness niche in the last 15 years. So I know a thing or two about what it takes to improve your relationship with food.

So, ready to dive right in? I wholeheartedly recommend you enter "keto bootcamp". This is an 8 week personalized meal plan that shows you exactly what to eat (and not eat).

Everybody is different and this meal plan is fully customized for your age, sex, size and food tastes! >>> Click here to get started >>>

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Take The Keto Challenge!

Get the tools you need to be successful with keto. Enter your email below to get started.